Matt Cornell talks healthy eating & all things CC&Co!

Matt Cornell talks healthy eating & all things CC&Co!
I've been in the music business for twenty five years, and early on in my career I lived that life of drinking way too much, and eating badly, especially while touring. I mean, what else are you meant to eat late at night after a show? That's right, pizza!

Fast forward many years, and I find myself very focused on healthy eating & regular exercise, and I feel so much better for it! So when I was approached by my good friend & business owner Simone Cassell of Cassell Coker & Co to perform for the grand opening of her exciting new venture, of course I said yes! Not just to reunite with my old mate Shannon Noll, but because I believe in her & what she's doing.

I believe the Hills area really needed a place like this, where you can buy a huge range of quality Organic Wholefoods & natural health products, but it's more than that, you also get Simone's passion, knowledge & advice thrown in for free!

Cassell Coker & Co Organic Wholefoods operates out of Rouse Hill Organic Markets every Saturday (out the front of Rouse Hill Town Centre) If you don't live in the area, they have just launched a new online store, and are about to launch they're second weekly market very soon! So if you haven't visited CC&Co yet what are you waiting for! 

Matt Cornell

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